Signature sausages, globally inspired sandwiches and a resurgence in fried foods are among the 10 major influencers driving menu trends for 2010, according to Flavor & the Menu magazine.

For the annual “Top 10 Flavor Trend” issue, Flavor & the Menu editors watch menu development, restaurant growth and dining patterns, and, with input from a team of restaurant industry experts, select ten trends likely to influence menus and restaurants for the coming year. Flavor & The Menu's top ten trends for 2010 are:


  • Top ethno-cuisine trend: ethnic and regional sandwiches
  • Top sauce trend: chili-based sauces
  • Top menu-making trend: diner-style foods
  • Top technique trend: deep-fried
  • Top concept trend: American tavern
  • Top ingredient trend: signature sausages using high-end meats and served with other premium ingredients
  • Top culinary trend: rustic foods, from regional, home-style cooking to foraged foods and farmstead cheeses
  • Top dining trend: “Global Grab & Go” foods, such as kebabs, dosas, crepes and gorditas 
  • Top dessert trend: sentimental sweets such as cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies and popsicles 
  • Top beverage trend: booze-free buzz