Following successful passage of California Proposition 2 there was considerable interest in alternative to cage systems among visitors to the 2009 Midwest Poultry Convention Trade Exhibition. Highlighted products included:


Their new Aviary System was demonstrated comprising a module with perches, feeders, drinkers, nests and on-belt manure collection.

Big Dutchman

The Natura 60 Aviary System was displayed in two tier configuration together with the Natura System which incorporates an option for a "winter garden" complying with organic housing rules.

Farmer Automatic

A layer Aviary incorporating manure removal, egg collection and a chain feeding system was available for review.


Displayed the Bolegg Profector and Terrace Systems suitable for retro-fit to existing units converted from cages or installation in new houses and the Veranda Layer System.


From discussion with suppliers and users it is evident that to receive optimal results from aviary systems it is necessary to rear flocks in a compatible system to allow pullets to become familiar with the location of feed and water and to become proficient at moving through the different levels represented by tiers.

Prevention of diseases was a major feature of company offerings at the 2009 Midwest Trade Show. During the past few months, mergers and acquisitions have either taken place or been announced which will consolidate production of poultry biologics.  Innovative produces included:


Fort Dodge Poulvac E.coli vaccine to prevent losses due to avian pathogenic E. coli strains which are responsible for mortality due to airsacculitis and peritonitis. Poulvac Myco F strain lyophilized MG vaccine administered as a spray was also featured.

Merial Select offered a range of frozen and freeze dried vaccines against the currently encountered diseases of poultry in North America. Vaxxitec is an HTV vectored IBD vaccine for subcutaneous injections to pullets. The company is also introducing Hatch Pack cocci III which protection against Emeria acervulina, E. tenella and E. maxima.

Ceva Biomune produce a broad range of vaccines for the egg industry including an SE bacterin available in combination with Newcastle disease and bronchitis antigens and Vectormune HVT- vectored IBD vaccine which can be administered by the subcutaneous route. Biomune produce fowl pox-vectored LT and MG vaccines alone or in combination with AE. To be effective, these vaccine can only be administered after maternal pox antibody has waned.


Decontamination of nipple drinking systems is critical to attaining optimal water flow and consumption of water free of pathogens:

CidLines of Belgium supply Cid 2000 a combination of stabilized hydrogen peroxide in an acid base. The product will remove biofilm in piping.

ChemTech of Iowa supply clear flow a polyphosphate compound which sequesters calcium and other minerals in hard water. This prevents the formation of scale in water lines, cooling pads and equipment.

Biosecuity can be enhanced by efficient decontamination of vehicles which are frequently implicated in the transmission of both viral and bacterial pathogens. Innovative Equipment Solutions of Arkansas manufacture the Neptune System which incorporates under-body and whole-vehicle drive-through spray systems which can dispense disinfectants. Both permanent and temporary installations can be supplied to suit the needs of users.