Ceva-Phylaxia has opened a new €8.5M vaccine plant to produce aerobic and anaerobic bacterial vaccines at the company’s Budapest, Hungary, campus.

Dr. Arnaud Bourgeois, Ceva’s global head of biology, said at the plant's opening ceremony, “The Phylaxia company was founded in 1912–almost 100 years ago, making it one of the oldest vaccines compan[ies] in the world. At Ceva, we are proud to have inherited this scientific tradition, which since the outset has been based on the simple premise of closely associating high quality science … to the needs of our customers, veterinarians and livestock owners.”


Ceva-Phylaxia employs 330 people, with a research and development team of 90 people. According to company officials, it is the leading global producer of poultry vaccines against Gumboro disease.