Animal health company Biominreports that itsMycotoxin Channelon YouTube has had 14,000 hits since its launch in August 2009. According to Biomin, the channel is the first mycotoxin webinar series featured on YouTube. It includes more than 70 educational videos on a range of mycotoxin-related issues, including analysis, risk management, symptoms and species-specific health questions for the swine, poultry and ruminant sectors.

Biomin adds a new, 90-second video each week to the collection. The videos feature international experts from the United States, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Nigeria and Malaysia.


“Mycotoxins are a major issue in the livestock and feed industry and we want this channel to not just convey what Biomin is doing, but to provide unbiased, scientific and objective information on mycotoxin control,” said Jürgen Dreissker, project manager for the Mycotoxin Channel.

In addition to the Mycotoxin Channel on YouTube, Biomin has a dedicatedWeb sitethat provides an overview of mycotoxins through the entire supply chain.