Staff from Arasco, a large commercial feed manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, visited the United Kingdom recently to learn about the Anitox Maxi-Mil milling efficiency program. The visit was organized by an Anitox distributor and included a tour of a FeedCo mill in northern England that annually produces more than 80,000 tonnes of animal feed using Maxi-Mil.

Maxi-Mil was originally developed to help feed mills in Asia overcome the problem of moisture loss in finished feed and increase the storage life of bagged feed products by inhibiting mould development. Since then it has been adopted by feed manufacturers to reduce shrink, lower pellet press energy use, increase pellet durability, reduce fines, enhance digestibility, and reduce die and roll wear.


Roger Mann of Anitox said that Maxi-Mil’s moisture-regulating properties were useful in hot, dry climates such as Saudi Arabia’s.

 ARASCO has more than 1,800 employees throughout the Saudi Arabia. Its feed mill at the Kharj Industrial Complex produces 650,000 tonnes of mash, crumbed and pelleted feed annually, while its Dammam feed mill has an annual production of 1,000,000 tonnes.