BRF Brasil Foods, the result of an association between Perdigao and Sadia in 2009, reported a profit of R$360M for the year on net sales of R$20.9B and total sales of R$24.4B.

The adjusted 2009 net income of R$360M considers pro-forma results, or the fully consolidated figures for Sadia and its controlled companies shown as if the merger of shares had taken place on January 1, 2009.


Brasil Foods’ public offering raised R$5.3B and a recent bond issue raised US$750M, according to the company. Market capitalization was US$11.4B in 2009.

The domestic market accounted for 58% of net sales and revenues of approximately R$15.3B. The processed meats business registered the best performance with net sales of R$8B, corresponding to a growth of 9.5% from the preceding fiscal year. Company exports reached about R$9.2B. Brasil Foods says it is now the fourth largest Brazilian exporter and the world's largest exporter of poultry.