Marfrig Alimentos S.A., Brazil’s second largest broiler producer, announced that it has initiated talks with Grupo Globoaves for the purchase or rental of two processing plants that produce the Nhô Bento organic chicken brand and the Germânia duck brand. The outcome of the purchase is pending due diligence.

Marfrig seeks to increase its share and diversification in the Brazilian poultry market through this acquisition, according to company officials. The new brands fall under the Nova Seara division, which handles Marfrig’s poultry and pork operations in Brazil.


Marfrig became Brazil’s second largest broiler producer in 2009 with the purchase of Seara. Marfrig now produces 650 million broilers and 6 million turkeys a year. The Globoaves Group is the eighth largest broiler producer, the largest broiler chick producer and the third largest layer chick producer in Brazil.