Germany’s WELtec BioPower GmbH has sold its third and fourth biogas plants to France, following its 2009 entry into that country.

A 104-kilowatt plant in Saint Sigismond and will use a 1,071-cubic-meter fermenter to process cattle and duck manure, as well as grain silage, for electricity and heat production.


The other plant is under construction and scheduled to go live this summer in Colombey les Choiseul, about 150 miles west of Strasbourg. This 250-kilowatt plant will include a 1,571-cubic-meter fermenter for converting cattle manure, food waste, silage, bakery waste and fat into fuel. In addition to producing electricity, the plant will make fuel pellets from the digestate that is left over from the fermentation process.

Since October 2009, revisions in France’s emission control legislation have simplified the registration and approval procedure for biogas plants, resulting in an increased number of biogas-related orders from France, according to WELtec.