After three decades as an annual trade fair on agricultural mechanization and livestock systems, the Agromek show in Denmark has decided to change its frequency to every two years. The show already set for November 30-December 3, 2010, will begin a sequence of fairs held in even-numbered years. A time slot of late November or early December will be retained.

 Agromek's organizers had been trying a focus that alternated each year between arable crop machinery and livestock production equipment. The new chairman of the exhibition committee, Sten Andersen of Danish company Dan Egtved, comments that this idea is being abandoned because “an exhibition with only machines and implements for arable farming or an exhibition which is solely directed at livestock farming does not have the essential strength or size to maintain the desired international impact.”


He added that Agromek would be maintained as an international exhibition with a special focus on Northern Europe and on markets neighboring Denmark. It will continue to be held at the exhibitions complex in the western Danish town of Herning.