More than 100 meat industry professionals gathered on Saturday afternoon at The Drake Hotel in Chicago at the conclusion of the NAMP 2010 Meat Industry Management Conference to celebrate the launch of a new and completely revised edition of the Meat Buyer’s Guide.

The new edition was broadened beyond the U.S. to include all of North America, including Canadian grading standards, terminology and cut descriptions, and Spanish translations of all meat cut names. Poultry sections include: chicken, turkey, duck/goose and game birds.

New features in the book include:


  • 54 new items: 15 beef, 7 lamb, 6 veal, 6 pork, 7 poultry, 13 variety meats and edible by-products
  • Additional updated and clarified item descriptions in all sections
  • 78 new photographs
  • New beef value cuts such as Denver steak, Chuck Delmonico, Chuck Eye Country Style Ribs and Western Griller
  • New lamb value cuts including Flank Steak, Boneless pectoral meat, a notches and split short loin and a semi-boneless lamb leg steamship cut
  • New information on Australian and Canadian beef and U.S. beef, veal and lamb
  • Updated weight ranges, new graphics and an expanded glossary.

Since 1961, NAMP has published the Meat Buyer’s Guide, which has been used as the premier resource publication for the meat and poultry industry, foodservice purchasers, educators and students. This new, sixth edition has been endorsed by 20 industry and foodservice associations.

Orders may be placed at the NAMP Web site.