According to animal health company Alltech, the timing is right for a discussion of regulatory issues at its annual International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium taking place May 16-19, 2010, at the Lexington Convention Center in Kentucky. “The recent Toyota recall has once again reopened the debate on traceability, accountability and the necessity to have an appropriate crisis management system in place,” the company said in a press release. “The agri-feed industry is no stranger to these topics and, indeed, the Irish pork industry is still bouncing back from one of the most recent crises to affect our industry. Over a year later, the first page of a Google search of the keywords ‘Irish pork’ results in articles solely on the dioxin crisis. Where is the positive story?”

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn directly from the government investigator who led the way in ascertaining what happened during the Irish dioxin crisis. Dr. Patrick Wall, associate professor of public health, University College, Dublin, and chairman of the inter-agency review of the Irish dioxin crisis, will speak about the management of the crisis, what went wrong, and how the industry is recovering.


Additional speakers from the United States, the European Union and the International Feed Ingredient Federations will focus on effective crisis management and the implementation of a crisis management system.