Pollo Campero, the popular Central American fast food chicken chain, has fared well in the United States since it established its first store here in 2002. There are now 53 stores in 15 states, and the company wants to continue its strong growth, reportsBusiness Week.

The Guatemalan company aims to reach 1,750 total franchises over the next decade. It currently has 325 franchises in 13 countries, from Latin America and the United States to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Revenue in 2009 reached $400M.


According to Business Week, Pollo Campero per-unit sales in the United States are almost double those of KFC, mainly because most of the Pollo Campero’s customers dine as families.

Pollo Campero belongs to the largest poultry producer in Central America, known as DIP-CMI, with operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica. It produces close to 130 million broilers a year, according to Industria Avicola.