Visitor numbers to this year’s Victam Asia, FIAPP and Grapas trade shows are thought to have been similar to the last edition of the event. Yet with over 150 companies exhibiting, this was the largest ever animal feed and grain show to occurr in Bangkok.

The three trade shows in one were boosted with a series of conferences and technical seminars and, it was impressive how far visitors had travelled to attend the event, but perhaps no surprise given the strength and variety of exhibits on the show floor.

At the Adconn stand, Kurt Wegleitner explained that the company was there for FIAPP, and this was the second time they had had a presence. The company organized a number of technical seminars, and was highlighting its liquid performance enhancer Addcon XL and Addcon XM along with products for the aqua industry.

At the Agromatic stand, a small combi moisture tester was on show and generating strong interest. It offers the advantage of being able to be set and adjusted by the owner, and now has new software upgrades, explained Tobias Diener. Prototype, easy to install, temperature monitoring and digital sensor equipment was also on display.

Hunter Yang of Angel Yeast commented that Asia will see significant growth over the next decade. Despite the company only having been present in Thailand for three years, it is already selling significant volumes.

Excentials was a new company for Victam. The concern was established by Orffa in January this year, and is currently focusing on Betaine and L-Selenomethionine. Arno van der Aa commented that what consumers wanted was the science behind products and expertise. He continued that, with a highly skilled workforce, Excentials was able to offer very specific information on product use and that the parent company’s European seminars may be reproduced in Asia.

Kemira was exhibiting at Victam ahead of the introduction of Pro GIT SF3 enriched with C12, based on the combination of short chain fatty acids and their salts with medium chain fatty acids. C12 is active against clostridium, allowing the management of the total intestinal flora. Andre Meeusen explained that the product has an urbiotic effect, facilitating the establishment of a healthy intestinal flora. Following the Asian introduction, the product was slated for launch in Europe in May.

Mr Meeusen explained: “The Asian market is ready for this product. Producers for the home market still use antibiotics, but exporters do not, and antibiotics do not work as well as they should. Probiotics have been shown to be incompatible with coccidiostats, and so the door is open for us.”


La Meccanica was exhibiting at Bangkok for the second time, following an absence of 10 years. The company is increasingly working with acidification of feed and Roberto Reffo noted that it had not suffered too much of a dip during the downturn.

Of prominence at the Mitchells stand was the Ultramax drag conveyor. Mic Mittasch said: “Ultramax was designed to be able to 100% discharge into multiple silos, replacing the need for tall elevators and distributors. The product is manufactured in China, and everything is custom built.”

Morrillon, active across various industries, was showcasing two machines, a sweeper for cereals and the Hydrascrew uploader. Catherine Reveille noted that Asia offered a lot of opportunities, particularly as the region was increasingly adopting silos for storage. Amongst possible growth areas could be the storage of rice husks for biofuel.

Muyang explained that, in recent years, it has placed importance on perfecting its existing range, for example through raising the capacity of plate mills and extruders. The company has been conducting trials and holding conferences with technicians who are able to test the machines for themselves, and this has led to improvements in capacity and power consumption. The company shares the belief that aquaculture will be amongst major growth areas, and was exhibiting a Double Circle Paddle Mixer, amongst other items.

Louis Mourey of Stolz, noted that, following the creation of a new local company three years ago, Stolz has been focusing on two turnkey projects and can purchase and manufacture locally. The company is becoming known not only as a supplier of machines but also for these major projects.

Vitamex’s Patrick Keereman noted that the company was focusing on “healthy feed for healthy food”. He added that Asia was increasingly interested in producing in a green way. “We look at cost effectiveness, not cost price,” he commented. “We try to realize added value through better technical performance, which should give better economical performance.”

Hammer mill concern Wyes Machinery was promoting its On-line Fineness Monitor. The monitor can test particle size in real time and is due to enter the market later this year. Jonathan Woo explained: “There is an equivalent in the cement industry, but we don’t think that there is one in the feed industry, and so we developed a low cost version.”