KFC has announced the April 12 launch of the Double Down, the restaurant chain’s first bunless chicken sandwich. The Double Down features two pieces of bacon, monterey jack and pepper jack cheese and sauce sandwiched between two boneless white meat chicken filets (breaded or grilled).

According to a company press release, the Double Down “generated more buzz than any test market item in KFC history” when it was sold for a short period last year in two markets. “The Double Down created such buzz as a test market item and it already has such high consumer awareness, we toyed with the idea of making a commercial that just said, 'It’s here!,'” said Javier Benito, executive vice president of marketing and food innovation for KFC.


To mark the launch of the Double Down, KFC will donate sandwich buns and funds to foodbanks in various parts of the United States. “It’s great to find a good home for some of those 'unneeded' KFC buns at food banks around the country,” Benito said.

The Original Recipe Double Down contains 540 calories, and the grilled version has at 460 calories, KFC reported.