BPEX, the British trade group for swine producers, has launched a campaign encouraging producers to increase annual output to two metric tons of pig meat per sow. BPEX figures show Great Britain’s average annual output is 1,608 kilograms per sow, compared with an EU average of 2,000 kilograms.


Yorkshire-based pig-breeding company ACMC says it is helping farmers toward this goal through improved numbers born alive, growth rate and feed conversion efficiency over the past two years. “The on-farm value of our genetic improvements has amounted to £6.17 per pig, or about 8 pence per kilo, based on an average deadweight figure of 80 kilos,” said Ed Sutcliffe, the company’s technical director. The company is showing at this year’s British Pig & Poultry Fair in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, May 11-12.