UK-based pig breeding company JSR Genetics Ltd. has signed a franchise contract with Taiwan’s Evabiotech, a consultancy specializing in pig nutrition and genetics. Evabiotech will manage the JSR franchise for all of Taiwan.

The contract is based on impending shipments of JSR Genepacker Dams and JSR Geneconverter 500 Sires. “JSR’s Genepacker Dams are healthy and prolific,” says Te Chung Wang of Evabiotech, “and we particularly value their docile natures. As for the boars, which will go into our AI stud, the Taiwanese market favors succulence and JSR’s Geneconverter 500s combine optimum back fat with robust growth. Also, in such a critical business initiative, we value the on-going technical support of JSR.”


Beginning in June, JSR has arranged seminars throughout Taiwan to inform local pig producers about its products.