VIV Europe Hotline, 20 April : Here at Utrecht in the Netherlands, the 2010 VIV Europe show has opened Tuesday with a large number of product launches for the international poultry sector. Products are making their first appearance for application in the production site, the processing plant and the hatchery.

Among the launches for production sites, Val-Co Europe has introduced its Fuze pro-line pan feeder and VDL Agrotech has unveiled chain feeding system Chainovation as well as the Bridex feedpan for breeders. Lubing is presenting the TwinClean drinking line made completely of plastic. The latest ventilation fan from Termotecnica Pericoli is the EOS53. From Sommen comes a KVS2 climate computer and Osprey/BEC is presenting a novel Chick Box design against red mite.

Impex Barneveld has a new poultry nipple for optimized water flow and Vostermans Ventilation unveils the Multifan Casing Fan 92 to support minimum ventilation in poultry houses. Skov’s new products include its DOL 339 climate computer and DOL 99B feed weigher. Farmer Automatic is offering FA60FR and Eco Plus layer systems to suit the new European Union rules on housing of laying hens.

Hatchery product launches include SmartPro modular, single-stage incubation from Pas Reform, HatchBrood from HatchTech and S-Line single-stage incubators from Petersime. For processors, Meyn has its Rapid HQ deboning equipment and the latest launch from Lima is the RM 1200 S high-capacity meat/bone separator.


Egg handling/packaging/processing innovations include robot loading and packing cells from Moba Robotics, new breaker, loader and grader equipment from Sanovo Technology Group and the Speedpack 110 high-capacity packer from Prinzen. Also being unveiled are Ovotrack’s Eggs Cargo Identifier for automated batch change in grading and breaking, while Pelbo has a new Micro 25 for in-house egg breaking and Crono loader.

Among new egg packs are four different Superface pack sizes from Hartmann and Supersell Europe from Celplast.

On the health side, the newly expanded portfolio of Pfizer Poultry Health (PPH), following the acquisition of Fort Dodge Animal Health, was on show, which now includes some 90 vaccines.

VIV Europe continues at Utrecht in the Netherlands until Thursday 22 April.