This edition of Feed Management focuses on hog production. Dr. Hans Stein of the University of Illinois reviews advances in swine nutrition. This timely topic has relevance to ingredient prices and the need to contain production costs. My EU colleague will provide an update on the World Pork Expo, highlighting the important role of the industry as a supplier of protein in nations where hogs are an important component of animal production.

The interview with Paul Kalmbach provides the personal perspective of an independent family-owned feed supplier. He considers how the growth of mega-cooperatives, the domination of volume by integrators in addition to acquisitions and consolidations has created niches for efficient and resourceful manufacturers. His company supplies specialty products for companion and recreational species and independent hog, dairy and poultry farmers.

Mycotoxins and especially DON contamination, attributed to the unseasonable climatic conditions during the last quarter of 2009 has created financial and technical problems both for the feed industry and producers. The article in this edition should be read in conjunction with the article on mycotoxin detection in the March/April edition.


News items with appropriate commentary are included in this edition, supplementing previous brief posts on the WATT Web site. Please respond with requests and suggestions for articles or to comment on any aspect of the industry.

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy summer.