VIV Europe Hotline, 21 April : A passenger on one of the first flights from Asia to Europe after the re-opening of European air-space this week was Martin Enderink.

Mr Enderink has been newly appointed by Provimi as business manager of milk and dairy ingredients - covering the three companies in the group that deal with milk-based feeds. He arrived at the VIV Europe show in the Netherlands in time to lead a showtime discussion of the merits of improved palatability.

“Our company Joosten Products has been informing visitors that it will soon be launching a further innovation relating to its Delac feed ingredient for young piglet diets given around weaning,” Mr Enderink told us. “The innovation is going to make a big step forward in increasing the feed intake of piglets by making the feed even more palatable.


“Until now, the good palatability of Delac has come entirely from the milk and other natural ingredients used in making the product. But the Joosten team have found a way to reinforce this through the addition of a palatability enhancer.

“The new version will have a slightly extended name and it will offer better performance, but the price will stay the same. The advantage over products from competitors will come from the impact on appetite. The change from the former product is obvious as soon as you open the bag. You can taste the difference!”