Separate assemblies in Sao Paulo approved the merger between the Brazilian Poultry Union (UBA) and the Brazilian Poultry Producers and Exporters Association (ABEF). The new entity that emerged from the merger will be known as UBABEF (Brazilian Poultry Union).

Each one of these associations approved the merger proposal, in special separate assemblies, with an 87% quorum.

Francisco Turra was named the president of the new entity. He had been the president of ABEF. Two councils were formed: one deliberative and one consultative, as well as 12 separate committees. These committees will deal with issues such as: internal and external markets, poultry health, genetics and sustainability, among others.


According to Turra, the objective of the merger is to strengthen the sector. This merger has been discussed for almost two years, even before last year’s major consolidation of the Brazilian broiler sector.

Before the merger, ABEF had 34 member companies and UBA 65. After the merger that number is 85, seeing that some companies belonged to both associations.