The Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) announced certification of the welfare audit sections of the checklist to be used by the American Humane Association for its program.

The program will be used to obtain certification for non-confined hens. The chairman of PAACO, David R. Hermes, stated, “because of increasing consumer interest in how their food is produced, certification programs will provide validation of production and welfare practices at the farm level.”

"There is also an increase in need for trained, knowledgeable auditors who can fairly and accurately assess welfare practices,” he added.


Tim Amlaw of the American Humane Association commented, “Voluntary participation in the Animal Humane Certified Program is a benefit to cage-free layer producers who meet the rigorous science-based standards because it verifies their commitment to humane and ethical treatment of their flocks.”

PAACO is an organization comprising five animal industry organizations concentrated on best management practices and application of science to livestock production. For further information access the PAACO website.