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Egg Production
The vending machine, which contains 60 boxes with 10 eggs each, is open Monday through Saturday.
on July 1, 2009

Egg producer offers on-farm vending

On-farm vending machine taps sales of free-range eggs to passersby.

A Dutch farmer has an innovative approach for the direct, farmer-to-consumer sale of fresh eggs.

During a bicycle tour near his home in The Netherlands, WATT sales director Frans Willem van Beemen came across, and took photos of, an on-farm vending machine with free-range eggs.

For 10 fresh eggs (large size), consumers pay only 1. The farm has 14,000 Lohmann Brown free-range layers. Most of the eggs are sold to supermarkets in Germany, but a small portion is sold through the vending machine to locals and passersby.

"This is already a big success for the farmer. The machine, which contains 60 boxes with 10 eggs each, is open Monday to Saturday," said van Beemen.

The area includes a variety of agricultural industry, including apple and cherry orchards, but also pig and poultry farms.

"During my race cycle tour through the area, I saw a fresh egg vending machine in front of a layer farm. In my opinion this is unique, so I took pictures," he said.

The farm, which is owned by Gert-Jan and Anita Lagerweij, uses production systems by Jansen Poultry Equipment and egg packing equipment by Moba.

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