In a recent statement, Omega Protein Corporation updated the status of its operations following the extensive release of oil from the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Following the closing of fishing grounds in the affected areas, the company has relocated its fleet centered in Moss Point, Miss., to the west side of the Mississippi River Delta in Morgan City, La. Existing restrictions imposed by regulators should not materially affect Morgan City operations, and the oil spill has had no material adverse effect on volume of catches through May 9, according to the company.


“We are thankful that Omega Protein’s flexibility in scale have allowed it to react swiftly to this disaster,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Omega Protein, Joe Von Rosenberg. “Our response plan has allowed us to redeploy our Moss Point vessels to our other facilities.”

Omega Protein operates a 10-vessel fleet in the Atlantic out of Reedville, Va.