Staff at Russia’s Cherkizovo Group, one of the country’s leading integrated meat producers, recently received hatchery training. The two day session was held in the company’s Petlinskaya hatchery and at Cherkizovo’s Moscow headquarters.

In total, 15 people attended the sessions with staff from the Penza and Chicken Kingdom operations joining their colleagues for the training conducted by Aviagen specialist Dr Steve Tullett.

Aviagen’s Danny Rotherham commented that, with the Russian government setting strict targets for local supply, passing on knowledge and expertise was a way to strengthen the local industry.


Petlinskaya hatchery manager Elena Stepanovna said: “The practical sessions and exercises were very helpful for the staff, because it is always good to see how certain things are done with one’s own eyes.

“Modern hatchery investigation practices, egg handling and disinfecting methods and focus on chick quality were the key aspects of the presentation that drew my attention, because they have a close relationship with what we are trying to do here.”

The focus of the training was hatchery best practice, underlining that all hatchery actions, no matter how small, can have a dramatic effect on hatchability and future flock performance. The first day focused on theory, while day two comprised practical training in the hatchery.