According to a report from ProMED-Mail, organic eggs have been pulled from German supermarket shelves after they were found to be contaminated with dioxins. The source of the contamination is thought to be from corn imported from the Ukraine.

Ukraine Minister of Agriculture Mykola Prysyazhnuk said, “There are only media reports, nothing else, but we will initiate an investigation in any case.”


Finding dioxins or PCBs in eggs confirms fat in hens consuming contaminated feed contains the toxin and will continue to deposit the fat-soluble compound in the yolk of eggs. Generally, flocks consuming dioxins or PCBs, or related toxic compounds, must be slaughtered and disposed of in a manner that will not contaminate the environment. Housing also must be decontaminated, and extensive testing must be carried out before restocking.

Additional costs are associated with product recall in addition to loss of customer goodwill and brand loyalty. The reported contamination was revealed May 5, but evidence of contamination was apparently known to authorities on March 16. Initial reports suggest levels of up to four times the legal limit had been detected in the contaminated eggs.