The Asian egg industry continues to grow not only in volume but also in sophistication. In the current economic climate, that's something to be valued. The egg sector is changing, and for those producers wanting to stay up to date with the array of options available to them, a visit to Eggs! the specialist event being held at this year's VIV Asia, should be firmly marked in their diaries.

VIV Asia, which runs from March 11-13 in Bangkok, Thailand, is giving the egg industry something special this year, a dedicated pavilion on the exhibition floor, a conference and a CEO forum.

The pavilion will contain an "Eggtrack," highlighting the key issues in the egg production chain and showcasing innovations. Extending to 150 m2, the Eggtrack will offer step-by-step explanations of key issues. Stands around an educational area will be occupied by firms supplying the sector and new products in their area of speciality.

Coordinated themes have been developed for the Eggtrack and conference, and various companies have already signed up to share their expertise with visitors to the event.

Genetics and breeding

For genetics and breeding, the focus at Eggs! will be breeding for uniform performance. Lohmann Tierzucht, for example, will look at managing the future layer while Novogen will introduce its new division for layer genetics. Pas Reform will detail the impact of genetic performance on the layer industry while Vencomatic will examine "managing perfection."


Producing uniform and healthy day-old chicks will be the primary area of interest for those companies that operate in the field of hatching, and HatchTech will look at "1cm, the decisive difference in chick length."

Pas Reform will be looking at setting standards for uniformity while the Petersime team will examine bio-response the fourth technology.

Feed and nutrition

Visitors wanting to understand the latest developments in feed will be spoilt for choice at the Eggtrack, with a broad offer of innovations and educational events designed to improve performance and egg quality.

Addcon will introduce its non-antibiotic performance enhancer Formi NDF at the event while Alltech will look at the benefits of combining selenium and vitamin E.

Biomin will discuss phytogenics in egg and poultry production while Danisco will look at feed enzyme technology to optimise layer performance, new generation E.coli phytases, the latest in thermo protection technology and enzyme solutions to optimise layer performance and egg quality.

The focus at DSM will be egg safety, with an emphasis on tracking and tracing, and the company will also be looking at egg colour. Functional foods will be on the Novus menu, with the launch of DHA-enriched eggs, which have beneficial properties for the eyes and the development and function of the brain and heart.


Provimi will introduce Citura, its feed additive company in Asia. It will also discuss the efficacy of Provimax a mixture of volatile fatty acids on laying percentage and egg quality. Additionally, the company will discuss nutritional strategies to improve layer and breeder performance.


Good housing is important for not only healthy hens but also for clean eggs, and Big Dutchman will use Eggs! to introduce its EggCam to Asia. Vostermans will showcase the Multifan 130 and look at the key challenges when moving from open to closed housing systems.

Giordano will introduce its Eggs Cargo system, a new system for the transport of commercial eggs for the layer industry, while Fancom will look at IT solutions for generating maximum profitability.

Health control

Controlling disease is essential for the well-being of all chickens, and Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health will be sharing its insight into Salmonella control during Eggs! The company will also talk about novel ways of controlling those respiratory diseases that can effect egg production.

Egg processing

Processing is becoming increasingly important in the Asian market, and can affect an egg's functional properties, shelf life, maximum yield, separation and further processing.

Actini will take advantage of Eggs! to introduce its Ultra-High Temperature Pasteurisation system, which allows processors to considerably extend the shelf-life of treated egg products.

Asian consumer demands are changing. Sanovo Staalkat will offer delegates its vision on market trends and how these are affecting the industry. The company will also introduce its processing innovations.

Egg handling

Proper egg handling should result in fast and efficient grading and packing, and Moba will be offering support across markets, and helping to meet the needs of small scale businesses through large-scale industrial operations. Sanovo Staalkat will be showcasing its innovations for egg handling.


The Eggs Conference will see 30 participants present short, non-commercial best practices and company visions from feed to eggs. The CEO forum will discuss the outlook for the Asia-Pacific egg industry.

And while there may be a lot to see and a lot to learn at Eggs! an overriding concern of the event will be to offer visitors only the very best, ensuring that participants gain insight into best practice and vision from a technical, scientific and business perspective.