Animal production exhibition EuroTier is fast approaching. Taking place from 16-19 November this year at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, more than 1,700 exhibitors from 47 countries will be taking part in the event.

Alongside the commercial exhibition, more than 170 discussion forums are planned for this year’s event, meaning that there will be something for everyone.

There will also be numerous forum platforms for the leading animal species addressing current trends in specific sectors. These will include the EuroTier Pig Event, the EuroTier Dairy Event, and the International Poultry Event, to be held in the Convention Centre on 15 November, the eve of the exhibition’s opening.

November 15 will see an international panel discussion for the poultry industry and the Central Association of German Poultry Producers will hold its annual general meeting.

The World Poultry Show does not return to EuroTier until 2012, however, the show’s organizers note that, this year, they have already registered strong interest from companies active in the pig sector, and that stand bookings are up from those companies active in feedstuffs, animal health and veterinary medicines. EuroTier is thought to be the biggest exhibition of its kind for feedstuffs and veterinary medicines.

The event also promises to be a showcase for latest developments in machinery, installations and farm inputs for animal husbandry. This year will again see an impartial and international Commission of Experts appointed by the German Agricultural Sociert DLG select EuroTier Innovations from the new products submitted by exhibitors and award Gold and Silver medals.

The last edition of Eurotier saw a record number of visitors – 130,000 – attend the event. Despite the economic downturn, attendance was up by 11%, with 22,000 visitors coming from abroad.


While the show caters to all species, the pig industry is particularly important at EuroTier. In 2008, pig production and associated industries covered nearly half the exhibition space with a hall of 21,000m2 dedicated to exhibits of equipment for pig units and another 5,200m2 highlighting breeding organizations and reproduction techniques.

Almost the same amount of floor space, 20,000m2, was dedicated to feed, feed components and animal health, with an additional 8,000m2 for companies supplying equipment used in storage, milling, mixing and pelleting of feed.

There will be an increased emphasis in the pig industry at this year’s event as, from January 1 2013, all pregnant sows in the EU must be kept in groups.

New buildings already have to satisfy the new requirements for sow keeping, but to help inform producers BFL, an agricultural organization devoted to promoting agricultural building construction and optimizing livestock management conditions, is joining the DLG in addressing the issue and will be showing various solutions for the new requirement in a special “Sow well being – in group housing” initiative on a 500m2 exhibition stand.

EuroTier will also host the second Chinese-European Pig Summit, on November 17.