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on July 30, 2010

Corn demand will outweigh wheat in 2010-2011 feed harvest

Usage adjustments due to lower wheat availability

More maize (corn) and less wheat will be used in the world’s feeds in harvest year 2010/11, suggests the latest market review from the International Grains Council (IGC).

Feed manufacturers are expected to make sharp reductions to reduce their use of wheat because of lower availability and higher prices after a smaller crop, with world wheat production in 2010 projected to be down to 651 million metric tons from 677 million tons in 2009. However, there should be a firm demand for maize to include in animal feeds. The IGC projects the total feed use of corn to rise from last year’s 478 million metric tons to 483 million tons in 2010/11, since a record crop of 823 million tons is in prospect.

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