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on August 11, 2010

AFIA announces dates for symposium, conference

American Feed Industry Association sets times and places for the 2010 Liquid Feed Symposium and Annual Equipment Manufacturer’s Conference

The American Feed Industry Association will host the 2010 Liquid Feed Symposium and Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas, September 14-16. This symposium will incorporate an educational program with 15 speakers reviewing regulatory updates, marketing, production costs and recent research. The concurrent trade show will display new products and developments.

The AFIA will also hold the Annual Equipment Manufacturer’s Conference at the Lowe’s Vantana Canyon Hotel in Tucson, Ariz., from November 4 through 6. The theme will be “Positioning for Recovery”. Presenters will include specialists from engineering, construction, finance and academia and updated information together with forecast for the industry will be provided.

For more information about either of the events, visit the AFIA’s website.

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