Novus International joined nearly 4,000 registrants at the Joint Animal Meeting (JAM) 2010.

The five-day, Denver, Colo. event included 2,800 presented abstracts and 40 symposiums. Novus hosted many industry members, including scientists, professors, association leaders and students, at a special dinner. During the dinner, the Novus International 2010 Distinguished Professor Award was presented to Dr. Gary Allee, a professor of swine nutrition at the University of Missouri. Another Novus award, the Poultry Science Association Inc., Novus International Teaching Award, was presented to Dr. Dennis R. Ingram, an associate professor at the school of animal sciences at Louisiana State University.


Overall, the event was considered a success by those who attended. "These annual meetings are always a significant occasion," said Dr. Scott Carter, global poultry market manager for Novus. "To have most of them in the same city, at the same time; this is an opportunity for all of us to network, share ideas across species and make new acquaintances."