More than 17 million eggs have been distributed in the last 12 months to those in need thanks to egg farmers around the world, according to the International Egg Commission.

International hunger relief charities working in Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe have all been recipients of donations. In response to the earthquake in Haiti, American egg farmers donated more than 3 million eggs to the charity feeding disaster survivors. In addition, American and Canadian farmers routinely donate shell eggs to charities and food banks all over their respective countries. Canadian farmers also donate large quantities of powdered egg; in the last 12 months Canada has sent 16 metric tons of powdered egg to help communities around the world. Farmers in India, Thailand, Italy, Finland and the Czech Republic are also well-known for providing eggs annually to charitable institutions and food programs in their own countries. 


As the world's population continues to grow, "egg farmers from all around the world are working together to help solve this problem and provide a source of high quality protein to help feed this growing population," said Chairman of the International Egg Commission Frank Pace.