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Animal feed output in China is mostly from corn, soybeans and other oilseeds. / Photo courtesy Papaleguas,
on September 14, 2010

China feed market to grow as livestock demand increases

Cofco Ltd. forecasts industrial feed levels to increase to 250 million metric tons by 2020

As livestock production in China increases, import/export group and food manufacturer Cofco predicts the country may double its industrial animal feed level by 2020, according to a Bloomberg report.

In 2009, animal feed output -- mostly from corn, soybeans and other oilseeds -- was at 148 million tons, according to Liu Xiaoyu, general manager of Cofco’s feed division. In just 10 years, that figure could increase to more than 250 million metric tons.

This growth has been spurred, in part, by livestock reform in the country, leading to more large-scale operations, and government assistance.

Liu said from 1980 to 2009, China's feed production grew at about 16% per year, with annual growth closer to 8% per year from 2000 to 2009.

Cofco is state owned and is China’s largest grain trader.

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