This year, the strictly digital collection showcases a compilation of worldwide statistics for poultry, meat, and eggs. Listed below are the several sections covered in this year's guide.

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Section 1: Higher prices dampen demand

  • Growth in the human population and GNI (PPP)/person/year

Section 2: Feed and energy costs replace concerns over HPAI

  • World slaughterings and production of chickenmeat, turkeymeat, duckmeat and goosemeat
  • Chicken slaughterings and chickenmeat output
  • World chickenmeat production ranking
  • Broilermeat production- selected countries
  • Turkeymeat production - selected countries

Section 3: Exports of chicken to recover

  • World trade in chickenmeat and turkeymeat
  • Broilermeat exports - selected countries
  • Broilermeat imports - selected countries
  • Turkeymeat exports - selected countries
  • Turkeymeat imports - selected countries

Section 4: Chicken consumption growth slows


  • Chickenmeat consumption (supply)
  • Broilermeat consumption - selected countries

Section 5: Egg production decelerates

  • World layer numbers and hen egg production
  • World egg production ranking

Section 6: Trade in dried egg trebles

  • World trade in shell, liquid and dried eggs

Section 7: Egg uptake/person stagnates

  • Egg consumption (supply)

Section 8: Manufactured Feed

  • Poultry maintains its 40% share of the feed market