At the National Chicken Council's 56th Annual Conference, industry leaders discussed the state of the poultry industry with panelists from Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Perdue Farms, Claxton Poultry and Tyson Foods.

The presentation is sponsored by Novus International, and it is available as a podcast.

Topics discussed include:


  • Export to China and Russia
  • Proposed GIPSA rules
  • Outlook on the foodservice market
  • How to stay competitive in a consolidating industry
  • Brazilian ownership interests outside of Brazil
  • Globalization of agriculture
  • Chicken supply and feed ingredients forward outlook
  • Genetic traits - what will yield the biggest improvements
  • Industry innovation
  • Views on what the industry can do about hunger in America

Videos of three of the conference participants - Mike Roberts, Bill Lovette and Don Jackson - are also available for view.

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