Research workers in the field of phytase met at the first International Phytase Summit in Washington D.C. during late September. The event was hosted jointly by Massey University, New Zealand; the University of Sidney, Australia; and the University of Maryland. AB Vista was the commercial co-sponsor.

Topics considered included nutrient digestibility, analysis of phytate, evaluation of phytase efficiency and future trends in the application of phytase in animal nutrition.

“The first IPS has pulled together a group of leading scientist and other experts from around the world to discuss issues related to the application of phytase as an aid to improving efficiency in the use of phosphorus in animal nutrition,” said professor Colin Whitehead, vice president of the World Poultry Science Association.


“The introduction of phytase to the animal nutrition industry is one the success stories of the last two decades,” added Richard Cooper, managing director at AB Vista.

With an estimated market value in excess of $350 million, phytase enzymes are used in 60% of all monogastric feeds generating a benefit to the animal feed industry worth $2 billion globally.

Further information can be obtained from Laura Nye.