I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul orignated as  a grassroots effort by a young people to support American family farmers and ranchers, has now become an official non-profit organization.
 I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul originated out of the frustration by young people who have a passion for agriculture but realized few of their peers really know how their food is grown in America. Additionally, they were angry at the way agriculture is often wrongly portrayed in the mass media and political campaigns.


Using new media technology, the group decided to take matters into their own hands and launched an aggressive social media blitz to share information about family farmers and ranchers. I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul has become one of the fastest growing Facebook groups on the planet about agriculture. Today more than 27,000 people are engaged in daily conversations in the Facebook group. Additionally, the group created a website and apparel line to make supporting family farmers and ranchers fun.