Danisco and Tereos have partnered to invest in a new dedicated betaine production facility.

The facility, which will be built inside an existing bioethanol production plant in Origny, France, will focus on a new method of extracting betaine from a side-stream of bioethanol production. Tereos will operate and manage the facility with technical support from Danisco. "This is an exciting and significant step in strengthening our Betafin business, a core part of our Healthy Nutrition strategy that combines enzymes, betaine and direct fed microbials into a unique offering," said James Laughton, executive vice president of Danisco Animal Nutrition.


Tereos is also happy with the partnership. "We are pleased to achieve this project with such a professional partner like Danisco," said Yves Belegaud, executive officer of Tereos, France. "Thanks to the association of Danisco's technology and Tereos' products and know-how, we are fully aligned with our strategic intent, as a cooperative, to find the best value for sugar beet grown by our members."