Alltech held a poultry solutions seminar on "Modern Animal Production — Turning Challenges into Opportunities" in Meath, Ireland.

A six-person panel comprised of industry experts presented their views and answered questions on current issues. Topics included the global outlook for poultry production, changes in agriculture, legislation and the future of the European poultry industry. "Alltech's annual solution seminar series provides a unique forum for leading nutritionists, veterinarians and other industry experts to develop and share ideas on the future of our industry," said Alltech Europe Vice President Marc Larousse.


Delegates and speakers also participated in an electronic survey that asked questions regarding their opinions on the current state and future of the industry. Results revealed that 52% of respondents are concerned about the contamination of inorganic materials and 47% think chicken is the greenest meat (followed by fish, beef and pork). A large majority of attendees (72%) believe that research and development in the poultry industry is "vital for progress in the current market."