The Executive Guide to World Poultry Trends, WATT's annual guide to the world poultry markets, has been totally revamped and improved for 2010.

First estimates for the combined annual production of the world’s poultry industries in 2010 put the total at about 95 million metric tons of meat and approximately 63 million metric tons of eggs.

The following pages of this latest WATT Executive Guide to World Poultry Trends look in detail at the numbers recorded so far, both for production and for consumption. You will find data and trends relating to sectors, countries and world regions.


We bring you at-a-glance charts, not only on these statistics, but also on how leading analysts say the global poultry markets are likely to develop in the next five to 10 years.

The entire publication, in an easy-to-read and easy to download format, is available online.