Projections from the China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) suggest that poultry will gain a larger share of the total Chinese meat supply over the next 10 years, although pork looks certain to remain the most popular of all the meats eaten nationally. The projected figures were presented by CAAA representatives at a series of meetings held during the EuroTier 2010 exhibition in Germany.

Dr. Ma Cheung, the association’s deputy secretary-general, told the meetings that the 12.10 million metric tons of poultry meat consumed in China in 2009 meant an average of almost 9.5 kilograms per person per year. A CAAA study of prospects for the next 10 years has concluded that consumption in 2020 may reach 26.14 million metric tons or 18.5 kg per person annually.


For pork, the study team considered that consumption could remain at an average of 101 grams per person per day so the total amount per year rose only in line with population growth. China’s population is expected to increase by 6 to 7 million people per year between 2010 and 2020, which would mean the annual amount consumed rising from 49 million metric tons to approximately 52 million metric tons.

The problem for Chinese pig production in meeting this extra demand is that it will face much tougher restrictions in some areas due to environmental protection, Dr. Ma warned. A possible relocation of production facilities has been contemplated, away from the heavily populated zones of the southeast of the country and towards northern areas that have greater resources of grain and land.