Novus International held a ceremony in honor of the opening of its newest facility, Green Acres Farm, in Montgomery County, Mo.

The farm has been renovated to stand as a testament to innovation and sustainability through environmental conservation. Novus made multiple improvements to the 1920s building that have resulted in the farm qualifying for Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design (LEED) consideration. "In addition to this site, our global headquarters in St. Charles County and our blending plant in Indaiatuba, Brazil, were also constructed with sustainability in mind," said Tom Hampton, manager of product research at Novus. "We're proud of the commitments we've made to the environment and the impact they will have for the future."


Several sustainability measures are at work at Green Acres, including the capture of roof runoff in rain barrels, a wastewater collection system and a fertilizer and mulch area. A solar panel system is in the process of going up that will include 168 panels and will generate over 54,400 kilowatt hours of energy.