The National Farmers' Union of England and Wales (NFU) is calling for a "fair price" for poultry farmers that will better cover the increasing costs of production and feed.

Soaring feed prices, in particular, are causing some poultry producers to make a loss, said NFU representatives. “The effect of feed price inflation is clear for all to see," said NFU poultry board Chairman Charles Bourns. "Latest NFU figures suggest that feed is costing farmers an extra 5p per dozen eggs, and over 12p per chicken. And these are just direct costs; there is also the effect of these costs long-term on the breeding flocks."


Increasing the prices paid to producers, said Bourns, is the best way to solidify the relationship between retailers and farmers. “Farmers remain committed to the retail partnership, as ultimately this is their route to a long-term relationship with the consumer but this is a crunch time for them," said Bourns. "This isn’t rocket science — farmers just need a fair price that covers their cost of production.”