An innovations foundation of the Danish government is providing half of the €3 million investment for a site in Denmark that will demonstrate a new protein ingredients process for animal feeds.

Once completed, the site is planned to produce about 100,000 metric tons per year of fermented protein products suitable for inclusion in farm diets and pet foods. 


The process was developed by Danish company Fermentationexperts A/S, most known until now for supplying fermented byproducts used in liquid feeding of pigs. At the 2010 Agromek show in Herning, Denmark, the company won a new product award for rapeseed meal that has been subjected to rapid fermentation using lactic acid bacteria in order to remove its bitter taste and improve its nutritional value. Similar processing could be applied to any protein source, said Jens Legarth of Fermentationexperts, yielding an estimated 14% more digestible protein and about 75% more digestible phosphorus.