Harper Adams University College is teaming up with Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd. to give its students hands-on knowledge of the egg industry.

The company turns over nearly 500 million eggs per year; working with them will provide students with access to the latest facilities for both teaching and research, as well as a first-hand look at a commercial operation. “Students will be able to see modern standards in colony egg production that meet the new [European Union] regulations to be introduced in 2012," said Harper Adams Principal Dr. David Llewellyn. "This is a significant development for us and one that will be of benefit to students and the poultry sector in the longer-term."


Oaklands and Harper Adams also hope to use the partnership to expand interest in the industry. “Attracting young people into the industry is a problem," said Oaklands Director Elwyn Griffiths. "We hope to open their eyes to what is involved in running a poultry farm – so understanding efficiencies, economies, welfare and feed conversions – in the hope of getting students interested."