As from 1 January 2008, Diamond Automations Inc. is 100% owned by FPS Holdings Inc., which in turn is fully owned by b.v. FPS Food Processing Systems b.v., a holding company based in Nootdorp, the Netherlands, which also owns  Moba b.v.

With this acquisition, FPS broadens its portfolio in the egg industry with egg breaking and processing equipment. For FPS, this acquisition is an answer to the ongoing consolidation in the egg market and in line with the ambition of bringing sophisticated and innovative solutions to the industry.

FPS aims to invest in new technologies for all of its companies. Diamond Automations Inc. and Moba b.v. will be operated totally independently and both companies will continue to focus on each of their respective market segments.

In view of the above, for the operation of both companies no changes are foreseen and business will be continued as usual


Diamond finds in FPS an owner that is dedicated to create a climate for investments in new technologies that will lead to innovative products for the egg market.

Michel L. Defenbau, president and CEO of Diamond Automations, commented, “I can confirm with great excitement that Diamond is now a member of FPS Holdings Inc. group of companies. After 23 years under the Talon LLC umbrella, Talon chose to divest itself of its last link to the poultry industry. All of us at Diamond are appreciative of Talon’s support and leadership over the years.

Our excitement stems from the dedication of FPS to the shell egg market and grading technologies in associated industries. FPS is committed to retaining Diamond’s independence as a stand-alone company competing against all manufactures of grading and liquid egg equipment. This business model has existed within FPS for some years and has proven effective. All of Diamond’s management team and employees have been retained and from a Diamond perspective, it is business as usual.”