Egg producer retailers Jim and Anne Smillie of Corrie Mains Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, have won top honors in the 2010 Scottish Egg Quality Awards.

The farm beat 21 other entrants with a score of 520 points to take the award for the second year in a row. "The standard of management at Corrie Mains is exceptional and this is reflected in their continuing success in this competition, which they first entered in 1997," said David Beckley of BOCM PAULS. "They are at the top in the UK for production and egg quality and are very bio-secure. They have built up their markets by offering top-quality eggs with a first-class delivery service."


The Scottish Agricultural College, which sponsors the awards, judges entrants on shell color, egg weight, yolk color, albumen quality, shell thickness, freedom from meat and blood spots, external appearance and packaging.