The Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand (EPF) represents the interests of all commercial egg producers in the country.

Membership is mandatory under the Commodity Levies (Eggs) Order 1999, and any person or ogranisation that purchases 100 or more day-old layer chicks automatically becomes a member of the EPF. A chick levy is payable at the point of purchase.

When a person or organization purchases 100 or more day-old chicks in a calendar year, they automatically become a member of the EPF. The two commercial hatcheries supplying day-old layer chicks in the country provide details of who has purchased chicks to the EPF. This information is regularly reconciled against the EPF member databse.

The EPF promotes and protects the interests of members of the industry. It represents commercial egg producers by liaison with government and government departments, securing full and proper representation on or before boards, committees and commissions.


A major role of the association is to protect New Zealand’s unique disease free status.

The EPF also promotes research and development, generic promotion of eggs, technical training, collection of technical information and statistics, as well as providing a general public relations and representation of industry working parties. Egg promotion is carried out through Eggs Incorporated, which is funded by the federation.

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