When the Moark LLC, Midwest Division was faced with the obsolescence of their exiting Neosho, Mo. feed mill they turned to Henning Construction to provide a comprehensive turnkey project. Planning commenced in 2008 with Myron Oliver, Vice President and Senior Project Manager, assisted by Ryan Plock, Project Manager. Henning interacted with Moark managers to define the production parameters and scope of the project.

After extensive discussions and review of alternatives, Henning Construction was selected as the prime contractor to deliver a turnkey project. Construction commenced in May 2009 on a site purchased by Moark, adjacent to a rail siding in an industrial zone of Neosho. The mill was completed in May 2010, on time and within the project budget. It is estimated that depending on land cost, rail siding and equipment specifications a similar project would require a capital investment of $6 to $9 million.

The Neosho Mill  

The facility currently produces 2,400 tons per week with a nominal output of 40 tons per hour. The major features of the mill include:

  • 300,000 bushels of corn storage in two large metal fabricated silos representing approximately five weeks consumption
  • Truck scale and grain probe
  • 19 bins for ingredients in addition to bagged storage in a warehouse
  • Isolated grinding room with dust extraction and conveying equipment
  • A 4-ton mixer
  • Micro-ingredient addition system
  • 21 finished product overhead discharge bins
  • Computer control of mixing and inventory

The entire structure is surrounded by concrete roads serving the ingredient receiving and finished feed load-out bays. The site has been terraced, drained and landscaped.

The design incorporates structural bio-security with special emphasis on exclusion of rodents. Dust is minimized by installation of an efficient extraction system. The mill has operated according to specifications since commissioning with minimal startup issues or the need for retrofits, adjustments or continuing repairs under warranty.

Henning Construction  

Henning Construction is a global general contractor and construction management company specializing in all phases of the construction industry with a focus on office buildings, livestock confinement, manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities. The company is committed to addressing the special needs of customers and focuses resources to achieve timely delivery and functionality.

As a component of their turnkey service, Henning provide consultation with professional engineers to determine appropriate design, parameters and equipment. Assistance extends to preparing capital budgets, obtaining permits, application of computer assisted design and execution including construction and management of subcontractors.


Safety is an important consideration during construction since multiple subcontractors may be on site through erection and commissioning. Personal protective gear including hard hats, safety glasses and harnesses are required where any risk of injury exists. Appropriate equipment including cranes and bucket lifts for rigging and assembly are scheduled for each phase of operation.

This equipment is operated by trained personnel with frequent checks on procedures. Electrical safety measures include installation of ground fault interrupters, motor disconnects and protected covers on all wired devices. During commissioning, all mechanical equipment is examined to ensure correct alignment and function.

Moark management has continued using the start-up procedures established by Henning Construction. Standard Operating Procedures have been developed covering all aspects of mill function extending from receiving ingredients through to delivery of finished products. Aspects of operation which ensure quality and safety include good housekeeping, eliminating falling and trip hazards, providing protective equipment and tag out-lock-out programs.

Recent poultry projects completed by Henning Construction  

Fremont Farms of Iowa selected Henning Construction to build a 1.2 million hen expansion located near Malcolm in East-Central Iowa. Three houses were constructed each with a capacity of 400,000 birds. This project continues the relationship with the client which commenced in 1998. As a component of the project an additional pullet house was erected in Poweshiek County together with an expansion of the feed mill and storage for finished liquid egg product. A skywalk conveyor was designed and constructed to transport eggs from the new buildings to the adjacent plant.

Iowa Caged Fee is now operating a 3-house unit erected by Henning construction. Ancillary buildings include an egg store, manure handling module with equipment.
In addition to domestic projects Henning Construction has an international capability. The company undertook to design and erect a 3-million hen integration in Pinggu, near Beijing China. The project will include 12 pullet houses, 18 layer houses, manure drying system and packing plant. At the present time pullet houses have been erected and the final egg-production house will be completed in May 2012.

Other poultry production projects have been completed for Sparboe Farms Inc., Daybreak Foods in the U.S. and Charoen Pokphand Group in the PRC.