A potential site for a new Sanderson Farms' North Carolina poultry plant will undergo a second industrial rezoning at the insistence of Nash County residents, who are suing the county for allegedly not following its ordinance during the original rezoning in November.

The process could take several months to complete, according to Sanderson Farms executives, which could impact the company's choice between the 150-acre Nash County site and another potential plot of land in Wayne County.


Nash County will also propose to the planning board several amendments to the existing procedure, in order to eliminate possible ambiguities and clarify the process. “In considering the November rezoning, Nash County met all state statutes and consistently interpreted the [Unified Development Ordinance] just as we have with rezoning since it was adopted in 1999,” said Nash County Planning Director Rosemary Dorsey. “We’ve not heard these complaints about the procedure before, but to try to accommodate the citizens who weren’t pleased with the process, we’re proposing minor revisions to the zoning ordinance and repeating the rezoning.” The planning board's recommendations will be presented in February.