According to an announcement in United Voices, the news circular of the United Egg Producers, Howard Magwire will retire effective February 28, 2011. Dr. Ashley Peterson will serve as Vice President of Government Relations from mid-January onwards.

Howard has a long and productive career in the egg industry having worked for the M.G. Waldbaum Company, later Michael Foods, starting in Wakefield Nebraska. He served with USDA- AMS for 35 years retiring as Deputy Administrator of Poultry Programs. He has worked tirelessly for the egg industry interacting with legislators and administrators in USDA and FDA.


Dr. Peterson earned a Baccalaureate in Science from the University of Kentucky, a Master of Science at Michigan State University and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Animal Science from the University of Maryland. She has served as Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs with the American Meat Institute in Washington DC. She can be contacted at